Why install your charging station by us:

• A charging station is a complex device that should be mounted securely by applying outside and the large capacity by a qualified electrician.
• Our fixed installation partner has already installed thousands of charging points and the engineers know what they do.
• We always use separate earth leakage breaker, if the earth leakage there ‘deflects’ it’s just your chargepoint energized and not your whole house.
• We leave the charging station always working behind.
• We have fixed clear prices.

Our prices:

For home installations we have fixed rates based on a number of fixed packets. For installations that are not expected to fit into a package, such as in car parks or on company premises We usually plan a (telephone) in postmortem.

Cost standard 1-phase systems at home (including VAT):

Standard                                       Cable through the wall, up to 5 m cable                                                  € 329.00
Basic                                             Cable through the crawl space, including +/- 10 meter cable               € 429.00
Base plus 3                                   Basis + 3 meters dig                                                                                    € 569.00
Basic plus 6                                  Basis + up to 6 meters dig                                                                          € 669.00
Custom                                         Calculation custom                                                                                      Quotation

Cost standard 3-phase systems at home (including VAT):

Standard                                      Cable through the wall, up to 5 m cable                                                  € 599.00
Basic                                            Cable through the crawl space, including +/- 10 meter cable               € 719.00
Base plus 3                                  Basis + 3 meters dig                                                                                    € 849.00
Basic plus 6                                 Basis + up to 6 meters dig                                                                           € 949.00
Custom                                         Calculation custom                                                                                     Quotation


You can send photos of the installation location, the distribution box and the path between them or call us at
0181-451166. Together we can then determine which package is applied and / or we still have to carry out an inspection. This is to avoid misunderstandings later.
Please contact us. We advise you so you can go load carefree!

The installation fee includes:

• Transportation costs, transportation costs and labor (excluding the Netherlands Frisian Islands).
• Cable and small equipment.
• Up to two penetrations of up to 20 mm.
• An extra additional group (RCBO).
• The unit is completed working through us.

The mounting rate does not include:

• Street Work (Standard and Basic).
• Restore paving, planting or vegetation.
• Any permit procedures.

Our rates are based on an installed according to the standard and correct electrical installation. Any additional costs such as improper grounding in the home are not included.