NM: We are all William in a sense “Westworld” exists for our entertainment and our puzzlement. But the Man in Black remains one of the show’s more opaque characters and much as I like Ed Harris I wish we knew more about what he’s thinking. Presumably the show will tease out more specifics about his transformation from love struck William to the man before us now, but really I’m still curious about what he’s even doing in the park to begin with.

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HB: He is one of my favorite people. He’s generous and loyal. He is a great person to be around and always a lot of fun. We are so busy being amused by the hilariously incompatible Riggs and Murtaugh that we miss the much stranger relationship: Riggs and the Los Angeles Police Department. After all, Riggs’ psychological problems aren’t manifesting themselves as missed work days or arguments with co workers around the office. He’s escalating routine drug buys into shootouts, ranting about suicide and jumping off of rooftops.

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