Of course, some of us may like that taste, and tea processing can amp it up. After the new leaves and buds have been plucked from a bush, they are laid out to dry. How long they lie again depends on the kind of tea intended. Red Sparrow is the Black Widow origin movie the Walt Disney Company/Marvel Studios megalith will never, ever make: a sordid, nasty, rated R for tRiggeR waRning nailbiter about young Russian woman blackmailed into clandestine servitude that captures the existential misery of the espionage trade like no film since Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, despite some willfully opaque plotting. Veteran, according to his publisher) and went into production more than a year ago, its release is serendipitous to the metoo /timesup era: It stars America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, as a Bolshoi ballerina whose oleagenous uncle (Matthias Schoenaerts), a high ranking intelligence officer, has great expectations for her, even after an injury ends her dancing career. And by great, I mean evil and cruel.

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