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canada goose uk outlet Ultrasonography (US) was introduced more canada goose outlet toronto address recently.3 7 US holds considerable appeal, as it is non invasive, does not involve ionising radiation, can be repeated many times and is available as an outpatient investigation. Both researchers and clinicians have identified US as a valuable tool for diagnosing pSS8 15 and as a potential source of classification criteria for this disease. Moreover, the advent of new treatments for pSS16 has created a need for valid and easy to use imaging tools capable of detecting changes in disease activity over time.17 Using the Outcome Measures in Rheumatology (OMERACT) filter,18 we recently reported the need for a consensual scoring system, SGUS expert training as well as evaluation of US criterion validity, thatis, comparing minor SG canada goose outlet ottawa biopsy to minor SG US.19 The review results were consistent with those of the literature20 25 and our review is the first step in setting up an OMERACT standard that will open further avenues for the use of such promising diagnostic tool.26 Today, US cannot yet be used as the sole diagnostic bedside tool in pSS but as an early diagnostic tool when used carefully by experienced US experts.Here, our objectives were to define selected US SG echostructural abnormalities in pSS, set up a preliminary atlas of these definitions and evaluate the consensual definitions reliability in both static and acquisition US SG images.MethodDefinition of the core items of ultrasoundSGsDuring the 2012 American Congress of Rheumatology meeting, international pSS experts (from France, Norway, Italy, England, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, TheNetherlands and USA) who had at least 5years of canada goose outlet london experience with US in pSS were invited to work on the study canada goose uk outlet.