We aren great cooks, but do the heavy lifting on the weekends, anything that takes too long to pull off after work with a hungry 2 year old. If you need recipe ideas we usually check skinnytaste (healthy but sometimes complicated or uncommon ingredients) and pennies to pancakes (her crockpot refried beans and fried rice are both awesome, and super easy!) but there may be other places people can recommend at r/eatcheapandhealthyFor the car I say that mostly depends on what you drive and how you drive for gas mileage. I drive my wife nuts going the speed limit (gasp!) but it really can help! Changing how I drive has gotten my cars average mpg up 17% since I started watching how hard I hit the gas and how much I accelerate.Good luck, and let us know how it goes! Success stories help everyone!This Cideko Keyboard may be what you are looking for.

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