Maybe because I am singing every style of Indian songs and language and mixing it up with the Western style also, and changing the voice and all that to suit the various styles.I have sung in all languages and so every people know me Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu.(And then since when we exchanged pleasantries before we sat down for the interview, and I told her I was originally from Sri Lanka and that my uncles and aunts and the older generation in our extended family as well as friends, were avid fans of her and her sister Lata Mangeshkar as they were of Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi, she also spoke of performing in Colombo.)You know, I also recorded with Bathiya (Jayakody) and Santhush (Weeraman, the popular Sinhalese pop/rap duo in Sri Lanka, known as BNS) in Sinhalese in Colombo a few years ago and after that we did their show (their concert series Sara Sihina).I think American people also like to listen and dance to Indian music, especially Bollywood music. So they want to see that and hear the songs and that’s why I think they also like my songs.You are 82 years old. How do you keep fit and find the energy to perform at this age, doing all this touring and stage shows?For this performance, you’ve just arrived from Dubai after touring in Australia and New Zealand, then you go to London and Durban and then back again to Dubai..

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