And even less when you know you’ll almost certainly be roasted for it by your pals on group chat.But Ian McCall doesn’t mind admitting it. He always knew Ian Maxwell was destined for the boardroom even when he was sitting beside him in Partick Thistle’s dugout.So the Ayr United boss was not surprised on Tuesday when news broke that his one time assistant was closing in on one of the biggest jobs in Scottish football the SFA’s chief executive.Yesterday, as McCall headed for a League One clash at Arbroath, Maxwell was being touted as favourite to replace Stewart Regan and confront the almighty mess the Englishman has left behind.And even though he may have to leave his phone on silent for a while, McCall insists he saw it coming from a mile off from the minute the pair began working together at Firhill almost eight years ago.McCall said: “Yes, I saw it in him, absolutely. I hate to say it too because I’m in a group chat with four or five Partick Thistle guys and as soon as they read this they’ll be calling me names you couldn’t put in the paper.”But it’s true.

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