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cheap moncler coats for women Learning them will help you prepare for all kind of sound recording situations. If these formats are available to you via your recording device, try them all out and decide which format is suitable for which occasion. Otherwise, go with MP3. Denver police this year tracked down a car theft suspect using his brother’s DNAInvestigators compared blood DNA from the scene to records in a criminal databaseDA says the method isn’t for the courtroom, but for building leads in an investigationA defense attorney says it violates a person’s “reasonable expectation of privacy”Denver, Colorado (CNN) Using DNA to catch criminals has become common, but police in Denver, Colorado, this year demonstrated how the practice can be taken to a new level: They tracked down a suspect not through his DNA, but through that of his brother.Here’s how it happened, the Denver district attorney’s office said:In February 2008, two cars were broken into. Police found blood at both scenes and ran the samples through DNA databases but couldn’t find a match. Then, as part of a study being conducted by the district attorney’s office, investigators used new software to see whether the DNA in the blood was close enough to potentially be from a family member of someone in the criminal DNA database.The software came up with six potential matches cheap moncler coats for women.