Since I dealt with alot of loss much earlier than almost everyone I known it always really bothered me whenever people judge others for how they grieving when they themselves have never dealt with a significant loss. It goes beyond gameplay his story of how he entered the scene really hurt, and it been personally incredible and rewarding to kind of grow up alongside him and watch him reach success and recognition in the scene over the years. It seems kind of silly to care so much about an internet figure/gamer but the longer I followed him, I became really fond of Doublelift as a player and a person beyond just LCS it was really heartwarming to know that he had sort of reconciled with his family recently, that how much I grown to care for him, and I would never want to wish this news on anybody, but knowing his story/background makes this even more horrifying and heartbreaking for me to hear about my favorite player.Doublelift is a undoubtedly one of the most popular pro League of Legends player in North America.

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