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cheap Canada Goose Eat meat or not? No other food topic is more divisive, and perhaps, none is more important. Our food choices are based on many influences and influence much of our world from our health to the environment to national economies to personal finances. For many, this is a religious issue and there is a strong desire to evangelize. Animals seem to be godlike to both sides. cheap Canada Goose

The Huffington Post Food Section would like to compile the best arguments on the subject or meat, pro, con, Canada Goose sale or in between, and perhaps help some people decide. There are books on either side of the issue, but we would like to see point and counterpoint side by side. We would also like to debunk some myths.

canada goose store In the first week canadian goose jacket of this discussion, it appeared that the arguments could be grouped int six categories. The debate has taken some interesting turns. At the outset by far most of the commenters were vegns. Lately it seems that the omnivores outnumber them. canada goose store

Here’s how we can do this together: Have at it in the comments below. Take your best shots. Compose your comments carefully and thoughtfully. Make your case. Back up your statements with facts and references from credible sources, preferably peer reviewed scientific journals. Look for solutions and middle ground. Try to conduct the debate without the use of pejoratives such as “stupid, illogical, ignorant, dumb, etc.” I think you have lost the debate if you succeed in driving off the opponent. We encourage you to read this article canada goose uk black friday first before posting. You might also want to follow the links to get the bigger picture.

We will frequently copy the best arguments and paste them here in the main article for all to see and for all to use in continuing the debate. We know this is an emotional issue, but please show respect for opposing viewpoints.

Canada Goose online I will try to fairly represent the omnivore’s point of view and move the debate along. I have canada goose uk outlet invited Lisa Viger (HuffPost account LisaViger), an artist and ethical vegan, to assist in this Canada Goose Jackets discussion by suggesting edits to this article and by recommending quotes from your comments to be elevated to the main article. Lisa lives on a small vegetable farm in southern Michigan. Canada Goose online

Vegans/Vegetarians (henceforth referred to as Vegns to include both). Meat is bad for you. It contains too much saturated fat and makes you obese which is the root cause of a whole range of health issues: Colon cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart diseases are all higher among omnis.

Canada Goose Parka Omnivores. Most elite athletes are omnis. Entopticon says “Last I checked, which wasn’t very long ago, canada goose there has still never been one single recorded case of a vegan centenarian.”Many vegns suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency and that can result in brain shrinkage. Meat is good for you, it contains things you cannot get from veggies. You can stay healthy with a vegan diet, but you need a lot of knowledge and supplements. Vegns are more aggressive. HerrMonk says “The most bio available and highest quality fats for us, come from animal sources. Plant protein is low quality, and lacks all the essential amino acids to be used as a complete protein source. It is nearly impossible to get enough saturated fat, and omega 3s from plant sources in nature. It’s very easy from animal. B12 is an essential micro nutrient, that is only available from animal sources (despite mis labeled ‘vegan’ friendly sources).” Canada Goose Parka

Vegns. Food borne disease is a problem with meat. Ground beef is dangerous. It is often contaminated with pathogenic strains of E coli. It can kill. It is contaminated because the CAFOs keep cattle in contact with feces and the pathogens get on their hide and feed. It gets on the meat in the butchering because they move too quickly and don’t take enough care. It is all driven by greed.

canada goose black friday sale vegswan, a microbiologist, says “[I] have been appalled to learn about the diseases fostered and spread by animal domestication. Think of the recent egg and many beef recalls!! Hemorrhagic E. Coli, Smallpox, H1N1, Mad Cow, papillomavirus, pfeisteria (and sea lice in farmed salmon) are primarily promoted by animal farming. Certainly CAFOs are prominent contributors with their untreated cesspools and runoff, how else does spinach get contaminated?!? We all learned about early European settlers spreading diseases and decimating indigenous peoples, not because they were sickly but because THEY RAISED ANIMALS and acquired their germs (Jared Diamond). Another problem is the slashing/burning of virgin rainforest for grazing cattle and farming pigs, which are then exposed to emergent viruses, bacteria and parasites that have never before infected humans. Coupled with the mass transport of animals and their byproducts, everything from multiply antibiotic resistant E. coli and Salmonella to Nipah virus and prions are rapidly being spread worldwide. You also neglected to mention the voluntary moratorium on GMO and cloned beef and milk, which are unlabeled, and canada goose outlet so are extremely likely to already be in world food circulation. I abhor animal cruelty and the blight of monocrops and ocean runoff dead zones, but we mustn’t ignore the exceptional ability of animals to Canada Goose Online harbor diseases especially in dense unsanitary confinement, juxtaposed with food crops. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Jackets Omnivores. Sprouts, lettuce, apple juice, and other fruits and veggies have canada goose clearance sale killed as many as meats. The connection between meat and heart disease is being questioned by scientists. Carbs are just as bad, maybe even worse than animal fats and they come primarily from plants. FDA experts say sprouts are more dangerous than ground beef, even when home grown. Canada Goose Jackets

StopCensoringMe says “The factory raised meat most eat is a cesspool of unhealthy chemicals” among them antibiotics, steroids, buy canada goose jacket cheap and growth hormones which get into humans and cause a range of problems from antibiotic resistance to early puberty. The farts of omnis smell really bad. That must mean something.

canadian goose jacket Viger. There [has been] much convo about B12 and that a vegan diet must be unnatural because it’s supplemented. I would add, before dairy and other foods had vitamin D added to them as Canada Goose online a supplement, rickets (a nutritional deficiency) was very common among omnivores. An omnivorous diet is nearly always supplemented in one way or another. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale Goldwyn. There are canada goose black friday sale MANY people below who believe that eliminating meat has made them healthier. That kind of anecdotal info cannot be argued. But it is not science. There is a growing body of science on the benefits and dangers of both diets. Let’s start with that which uk canada goose we can all agree: Research seems to weigh heavily against processed foods, especially processed meats. It seems also clear that too much meat can be unhealthy. But there is plenty of evidence that a diet lacking meat can be dangerous unless it is carefully watched to make sure it gets all the proper vitamins, especially B12. It seems that a vegetarian diet can be just as dangerous canada goose clearance as an omnivorous diet if it is not tended to carefully with supplements. If it is, it is likely to be more healthy than an omnivorous diet. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose deals As for food borne illness, dangerous strains of e coli and salmonella are the most common problems in meat and veggies, but there are many other pathogens. All can be killed with proper cooking. Undercooked ground beef and poultry are serious risks, but raw sprouts, lettuce, spinach can also be dangerous. Raw sprouts should probably be outlawed, and homegrown sprouts are just as risky as aw ground beef. Bottom line: Neither diet is more dangerous if practiced properly and intelligently. That’s a big if. canada goose deals

2) Evolution, culture, and tradition

canada goose clearance Omnivores. Humans have evolved as omnivores. Our teeth are designed for it. Our saliva and digestive systems are designed for meat. Hematite says “Humans have teeth adapted to an omnivorous diet. There is no serious debate about this. canada goose uk shop Our teeth resemble those of pigs and bears, both omnivores. Humans have the gut of an omnivore. We lack any chambers for the fermentation of cellulose, a hallmark of most true herbivores, but we also lack the short intestine of true canada goose store carnivores. The shortness of the carnivore intestine is not, as sometimes claimed by vegns, because meat is needs canada goose coats on sale to be expelled quickly but because meat is easy to and does not require the large surface area for absorbing nutrients that herbivores need.” canada goose clearance

Eat or be eaten is the way of the world. In the wild sweet cute animals eat each other all the time. Even our kin, gorillas eat a monkey now and then. And don’t think your dog or cat wouldn’t eat you if it could.

buy canada goose jacket Vegns. Our digestive systems are designed for vegetable matter. Humans were not meat eaters cheap Canada Goose until the Ice Age. So over the course of history, we were vegetarians longer than we were omnivores. But evolutionary history doesn’t mean we have to always eat meat. We can evolve again. We now have other options. Technology has freed us from hunting. buy canada goose jacket

Omnivores. Meat has been a part of human culture forever. True, some societies don’t eat meat, and a few omit certain meats, but most cultures have meat in their rituals religious ceremonies, and habits. In the US, since the end of WWII it became practically a national mantra to have meat once a day. We were taught that this was a balanced diet.

canada goose coats on sale Vegns. We were taught wrong. We now know more and we need to leave behind foolish things as we mature as a society. Christi Vidrio says “At one time we believed that smoking was good for you, but now we know better. Same with meat.” canada goose coats on sale

angry expat says “Nobody wants to be told how to eat. Education is important, but fear tactics and disregard for cultural precedent are insulting and harmful to the discussion.”

gemini68 says “As a Muslim we are taught that eating meat is permissible (with the exception of scavenger animals such as swine) as long as the meat is slaughtered in a humane or ha’lal way. This has become an issue because of the way meat and animals are handled in this country.”

Canada Goose Outlet Goldwyn. It doesn’t matter what our ancestors did. The world today is vastly different. Each individual is different. Our canine teeth can be used to bite apples as as well as meat. We have to understand that our cultures and traditions arose from ignorance centuries ago. If somebody can prove that lamb is dangerous, then Jews will have to learn to eat eat pot roast uk canada goose outlet for Passover and use the lamb shank just for show. What? They do already? Oh. Nevermind. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose Omnivores. buy canada goose jacket Meats taste great. A cheap canada goose uk lot of vegetables taste bad. Nobody likes lima beans or Brussel sprouts. If meat is so bad, how come so many vegan products are made to taste like meat? I have only five sense, why would I restrict the sensory inputs available to me? Omitting some foods would be like poking out an eye. canada goose

canada goose coats Vegns. Nobody likes liver, heart, or kidneys either. canada goose coats

Canada Goose sale Goldwyn. Meat tastes good to many people and living without it would be very hard for them. For many people, the culinary arts are as vital as the other arts, and living without meat would be like life without dance. To others it is disgusting. This is the definitive case of taste being a matter of taste. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap The arguments that “Meat is Murder” and “Meat is Torture” are closely related, but different in some important fundamental ways, so I have separated them. Both seem to hinge on the definition of “sentience” because vegns argue that animals are sentient beings. Merrriam Webster’s online dictionary defines the word as “feeling or sensation as distinguished from perception and thought.” At the moment, there is a fairly good and thorough discussion of sentience on Wikipedia. A summary is “Sentience is the ability to feel or perceive. Sentience is used in the study of consciousness to describe the ability to have sensations or experiences. In eastern philosophy, sentience is a metaphysical quality of all things that requires respect and care.” buy canada goose jacket cheap.