Electrical engineering

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Electric Charging Stations

Quick install charging stations for fixed prices at your home or business locations.

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Breeman International Supplies has its own engineering department.
Our engineers invent, develop, draw and calculate simple and complex solutions, both for Breeman companies as well as for customers.
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Dredging Equipment

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Gripper Construction

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The combination of hydraulics and metal is close to unavoidable. In the course of the years Breeman International Supplies has developed into a specialist in the field of hydraulic applications. The number of possibilities is enormous. Hydraulics with Breeman are utilized in f.e. steering systems, lifting frames, cylinders and several pumps and generators. Also, several, by Breeman International Supplies developed, produced and implemented; solutions have been applied in several cranes and bridges.

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Hydraulic Cylinders

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Periodic Maintenance

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Waltz and Typesetting

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Site Work

Breeman International Supplies offers maintenance and repair services to customers by own employees. All employees are VCA VOL, Forklift and Scissor Lift certified. These specialized employees install and maintain the products and applications produced and delivered by Breeman International Supplies.

Also full maintenance packages are outsourced by the customers to this special department which operates a 24 hours per day full service operation. Based upon a predefined maintenance scheme and through open calculation, all possible maintenance activities are analyzed and fulfilled. Because of the efficient exchange of manpower with the different expertise’s required, Breeman International Supplies creates huge cost reductions for the customer Maintenance and repair happens as well “off site” as “on site”. The wide expertise of our specialists within your branch guarantee full integration with your own regular activities.