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Figure out why. When you aren’t in the mood to work, procrastination is telling you something important. It could be something simple, such as you need to take a celine outlet canada break or get something to eat. Celine Replica Bags Let do it again. It came time to discuss the UCP, Notley was careful to avoid direct accusations of bigotry, and instead cast her opponents as the second coming of an entitled aristocracy that would hurt the province lower income and middle income families.She also couldn resist making fun of a recent controversy in which UCP Leader Jason Kenny is alleged to have made promises to car dealers, including rolling back consumer protections, while they funded a pro UCP political action committee.Kenney insists over and over and over again that he not for sale, but it sure sounds like he is willing to work out one heck of a lease, Notley said in one of her best lines of the day.While the premier words were effective and sure to give her base at least a short term dose of buoyancy, it hard to see what emerged from the NDP convention celine outlet new york that amounts to a winning strategy for the next election.The party main tactic at this point appears to rely heavily on Notley personal charisma.That, and regular messaging about how awful their opponents are, which, not coincidentally, is the same strategy celine replica shoes the UCP is employing against the NDP.It was telling that at a convention featuring a sitting premier, at least 18 cabinet ministers and a number of union leaders, the biggest name at the event was someone who wasn there Kenney.The UCP leader seemed to be constantly on the lips of delegates in the crowd, while those who went to the microphone often mentioned him by name and offered dire predictions of what he planned to do.Jason Kenney is living the NDP minds rent free, observed Jason Nixon, the UCP house leader, after attending the premier speech.The NDP may have little choice but to go with a good, Kenney bad platform, since the government record to date doesn appear to be enough of a selling point.Nor is the long list of policy resolutions cheap celine luggage tote discussed at the convention likely to offer celine bag replica uk a path to victory.Many of those resolutions, while well intentioned, risk coming across as tone deaf by calling for further spending of money the province doesn have, with little celine bags outlet europe suggestion of where that funding should come from.Other resolutions doubled down on things the NDP government is already doing, while a few offered no substance whatsoever other than to say the government should be congratulated for its awesomeness.Of the 92 resolutions on the agenda, not one I saw said anything about the province debt and deficit spending or the carbon tax two issues that have generated a lot of political points for the UCP.On a more constructive note, there Celine Outlet were a handful of resolutions on the need to expand efforts to diversify Alberta economy. Notley also made that a focus, promising that a major new initiative on energy diversification would be announced in the coming weeks.Perhaps more of that type of effort, if it holds legitimate potential to create new jobs and revenue, can begin to give the NDP a fighting chance next spring.